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My name is Sue and I am a proud New Yorker and I have had the privilege to call it my home for over the last two decades. Skin care has been my life’s passion. Not only am I a licensed aesthetician, a certified aromatherapist and certified in clinical aesthetics, but I have over 25 years of experience working in this field. My expertise has been honed through my years assisting a renowned NYC non-surgical, injectable specialist who specializes in Botox, fillers and medical cosmetic procedures. I have had hands-on experience managing staff at a prestigious skin care salon and also worked with companies curating and merchandising multiple skin care lines. I pride myself on being current on all emerging methodologies but also embracing tried and true techniques.

My approach has always been about delivering top quality, personalized customer service and skin treatments. My professional commitment is always to treat each client as a close friend in a professional setting rather than treating them as just a client. There is a lot behind the interaction of giving someone a facial treatment. It’s a harmony of wisdom, trust, and a healing touch. It’s challenging at times but also transformative. Getting great results and helping you conquer your skin issues makes me feel great inside because I am helping someone feel confident in their own skin. Working hands-on and performing treatments is my favorite part of this business.

Hospitality and quality customer service is engrained in me through my culture and upbringing. I believe in this industry you will find two types of glow. The first is an actual, visible glow achieved by hydration, exfoliation and freshly cleaned skin. The other is a glow you get from positive human interactions by having been in good hands, literally. We are social beings and a certain fulfillment is gained from sharing a social experience. I hope I can add to that experience by using the right techniques to help your skin glow as bright as the person you are inside. Let’s find that glow together.


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Kind Words

Sue always takes just the right amount of time asking about my skin and my routine. She knows skin, but she really knows people. I feel that her recommendations for my skin are informed by her understanding that life affects us on the outside too. Her expansive knowledge of products has helped me manage hyper-pigmentation, breakouts, dryness, and the winter blues. I have also consulted with her during my pregnancy and in post-partum, when my skin was not being itself. A session with her is always a highlight of my day.


I am so glad we found SUE!!! I didn’t know what to do during lockdown because my skin is challenging and I am used to having many resources to help me care for it. Throughout the pandemic I have relied exclusively on Sue’s advice and my skin has never been better! Sue even helped my teenage son with his skincare. He definitely credits her with making his skin much healthier – he actually even does what she tells him to! It is always a genuine pleasure to interact with Sue whether its’ over Zoom or texts. She is so kind, responsive and super knowledgable! We are so happy Sue is in our family’s life! We feel so lucky to have discovered her! She is a gift!


Susan has been taking care of my skin for five years and I can honestly say that has never looked better. She is someone who legitimately cares and will take the time to discuss everything that’s going on with my face as well as recommend the absolute best products around. (I have actually texted her to ask her about products before purchasing them because I trust her so much and her knowledge is really impressive.) I would not trust my skin with anyone else!


I started seeing Sue ten months before my wedding. I wanted to give myself nearly a year to get my skin “wedding ready” and Sue took my goal seriously. She came up with a month-to-month regime for us to follow, tailoring services with every appointment. I thought my skin looked amazing for the Big Day and I’ve continued to see her since. Without pressure and with my budget in mind, Sue recommends products and services (even if outside her repertoire), if she thinks they will help me reach my changing skin goals. I can’t recommend her expertise enough.

A. Howard

I was having problems with ingrown hairs and skin irritation brought on from shaving and the brutal east coast winter. My wife recommended Sue and she helped me get my skin back on top shape. Sue knew exactly which products would work based on my skin type and her facials really helped rejuvenate my skin.


Sue is a one of a kind esthetician – kind, thoughtful and directive.  Since age 13, I have struggled with my skin and getting facials with Sue was finally the solution that alleviated my acne.


Sue is incredible! Her facial left my skin glowing and dewy. Her fingers worked magic on my face and I was so relaxed during the session that I fell asleep. She squeezed all of my blemishes out leaving my skin smooth, clear and even toned. My face was totally rejuvenated! I highly recommend Sue – she is the consummate professional! One of the best facials I have ever had!

Amy H.

I was told about Sue by my girlfriend that she is best in the business and now I have to agree – she really is.


Sue is incredibly good at her job!


About Susan

My approach has always been about delivering top quality, personalized customer service and skin treatments. My professional commitment is always to treat each client as a close friend in a professional setting rather then treating them as just a client.

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